How to crack GMAT?

I am sure you are not expecting a magical wand or something 🙂 If there was any such thing, wouldn’t I choose a perfect score (800!) for myself?

However, I am just listing down few resources which I found helpful during my GMAT preparations

Here is overview of the GMAT

Here you can practice your sentence correction questions (FREE)

One of my friend (who scored much more than I did) says Scoretop subscription is worth the cost (PAID)

I think regular study for a month (or two at maximum) should be good enough to crack the GMAT. Start with a diagnostic test and work out your plan based on your individual needs. I would suggest to start using some simulated computerized test software once you are familiar with all the sections and then you should tweak your plans according to your performance.

Aim for the stars! If you fail, you may at least end up on the moon! So, your aim should be nothing less than the perfect score – 800!
(This is the thought that made me little bit serious about the GMAT – otherwise I would have messed it up – on account of my overconfidence 😉 )

PS: I think this blog has given a detailed study plan – might be useful!

All the best!


One Response to “How to crack GMAT?”

  1. scifi Says:


    Great blog you have here. I took my GMAT in January and scored 760. You can check my test experience on my blog .

    Not sure if you already took GMAT, but all the best for your prep and admissions.

    I also recommend forums for GMAT Preparation, they are more affordable and much faster.

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